Fleet Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles

Battery Guru Systems can re-energize lead acid batteries for most applications. Whatever your company or personal battery needs may be, Battery Guru can provide them at a much lower price and with the quality and dependability that you expect.

Here are just some of the industries, vehicles and equipment that our Battery Guru Operators service everyday.

General Automotive
Emergency Vehicles
Solar & Back Up
Fleet Vehicles
Most countries run on fleet services. From transportation companies such as semi trucks, school bus, taxi, rental car and other support companies such as the delivery companies and US postal companies to many local business that deliver and haul every day goods. Most of these vehicles use multiple batteries. For example semi trucks have either 4 or 6 main batteries and with accessories they can have up to 10 batteries. Semi truck batteries range from R2,500 to well over R3,500. Battery Guru Operators who run a route deliver batteries to these clients twice a month keeping these fleet companies on the road and saving money at the same time.

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